Wahab Riaz eyes victory against Chennai Super Kings

Wahab Riaz eyes victory against Chennai Super Kings

Lahore Lions (LL) is pretty confident to take down Indian captain Dhoni’s Chennai Super Kings (CSK) in Thursday’s Champions League T20 clash at Bangalore, a private tv Samaa reported.


According to Samaa correspondent, the Lahore Lions did a long net session and also spend some extra time in fielding session today.

After the practice session, LL’s pacer Wahab Riaz spoke to Indian, showing its confidence for this big game. He said LL has batter bowlers then CSK so they are confident for tomorrow’s game.

“We have better bowling lineup as we have Aizaz Cheema, Adnan Rasool and me as well so we are confident for this game.”

On Monday, Champions League match officials reported Adnan Rasool’s bowling action as suspected. He is in the warning list.

Wahab is also confident about him. “Adnan Rasool loves to work hard for his bowling. His confidence is not shaky after this warning but he is aiming to be a best bowler of the event.”

Wahab said Lahore Lions have some ‘inexperienced’ players in the team “that’s why we missed some chances due to heavy pressure, but now the whole team will bounce back.”

“The game is still open for all, either KKR, CSK or LL, so we will play all the remaining games with full strength and my team is confident to win not only tomorrow’s clash but all other matches to prove ourselves as real champions.”